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Flower and plant company with 120 years of history!

History of flower & amp; styling Aan de Zeven Alleetjes.

flower & amp; styling Aan de Zeven Alleetjes is a company located on the street Zeven Alleetjes, which was founded around 1900 by Mr. H. Rigter.

At first it was a nursery, later the flower sale came and it has been further expanded into a shop. It was a neighborhood where the city's notables lived and gathered flowers on Saturdays.

The company was sold in 1955 to Mr. R. Vos. On January 1, 1986, Mr. Jan Vos took over the company from his father R. Vos.

The company is mainly engaged in the sale of flowers, green and flowering plants, glass and pottery, hydroponics, office planting and the rental of palms. In addition, the company is specialized in making bridal and funeral arrangements and making large decorations.

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Easter workshop instructions

We're going to get started with this fun Easter workshop package. The steps we describe are a guideline; of course you can always use your own creativity. This way the Easter piece gets your own style.
The working method is described in this manual. On our website you will find a link to an instructional video under the heading 'Easter workshop'.

What is included in your workshop package? (Some materials may differ from the example.)
• floral foam in a cake tin
• plastic board
• plastic
• an elastic band
• linen
• pins
• daffodil bulbs
• cocktail sticks
• wooden discs
• quail eggs
• skewer
• hay
• glue pattern
• kittens
• craspedia
• birch
• Eggs
• cut flowers
• moss
• wicker

What else you need:
• glue gun
• pair of scissors
• knife
• pruning shears
• water bottle

- Also watch the instructional video while making the Easter piece.
- To enjoy your Easter piece for as long as possible, wet the floral foam occasionally.

We hope you're excited to get started and we'll get started soon!

• Fill a container with water. Place the floral foam on the water and let it slowly absorb.
• Take the pink bowl, the piece of foil and the rubber band. Place the foil on the tray and place the floral foam on top. Fold the foil around the floral foam and put the elastic band around it. Cut off the excess foil.
• Now take the linen and pins. Secure the linen at the bottom of the floral foam with a pin. Then wrap the linen once around the floral foam and then secure it again. Wrap the linen around it again, diagonally upwards. Secure the end with 2 pins.
• Cut the daffodil bulbs from the plant and insert the cocktail sticks into the bottom of the bulb. Divide the daffodils over the floral foam. (see video)
• Take a well-deserved break now. Enjoy the delicious Easter eggs.
(In the meantime, turn on the glue gun.)

• Take the skewers, the hay, the wooden slices and the quail eggs. Put a little glue on a wooden disk and stick some hay on it. Now put some glue on the other side of the disc and press the skewer into it. Turn the skewer a few times in the hot glue. Work away the glue with a little hay and hold the skewer until it is stuck. Stick a quail egg on the top.
• Divide the homemade 'bird's nests' over the floral foam. (Possibly at different heights.)
• Take the catkins, craspedia (yellow balls) and birch twigs and divide them over the Easter piece. Turn the piece occasionally so that you can distribute the branches properly.
• Make the opening in the three large eggs slightly larger using a knife. Clamp the eggs between the twigs and then fill them with water.
• Now take the chamomile and the clematis (purple flower). Cut the flowers diagonally and divide them over the floral foam.
• Work the remaining flowers into the floral foam and into the eggs. For example: 4 flowers in the eggs and 2 in the floral foam.
• Cover the floral foam with moss and hay.
• Now use the wicker for a finishing touch. Stick the beginning in the floral foam and twist it around your Easter piece. Maintain different heights to get a playful effect.
• Now use the last 6 quail eggs and stick them to the twigs or moss with hot glue.

Now your Easter piece is ready. You have already brought spring into your home! You did that very well; compliment yourself! 😊 Share a photo on Instagram or Facebook (tag @aandezevenalleetjes) and who knows, you might see your photo on our social media.

On behalf of the entire flower & styling team of aan de zeven alleetjes, we wish you a happy Easter.