Spring workshop instructions

Yes! You'll be working on a do-it-yourself workshop package in no time! We are looking forward to it, are you? We have put the working method on paper step by step for you and on our site there is an instructional video under the 'header' workshop.

The steps we describe are a guideline, you can of course always use your own creativity. This way you get a result that suits you, and that is of course the intention!

Some products may differ from the example, because we work with natural materials.

What's in your bag?

- Styrofoam wreath
- Birch bark
- Foil
- Plants
- Potting soil
- Moss
- Rope
- Orb vases
- Craspedias (drumstick)
- Cut flowers
- Birch branches
- Dried flowers
- Glue cartridges

What do you need?

- Glue gun (No glue gun? You can buy this for €3 at the Action)
- Sharp knife
- Pruning shears
- Pair of scissors
- Watering can with water

What steps to follow?


- Turn on the glue gun. Note: the glue gun can get very hot. Be careful not to burn yourself on the glue.
- Place the wreath with the round side down.
- Cut the birch bark strips into pieces of 4 cm wide (These are the birch bark strips
half) and between 8 – 11 cm high. Stagger it a bit in height for one
playful effect.
- Stick the birch bark to the wreath with the glue gun.
Tip: slightly overlap the pieces of birch bark for a calm result. The glue
dries quickly, so don't wait too long before sticking it on.
- Grab something nice to drink and enjoy the delicious macarons. Your piece is off to a good start
to take shape!
- Take the two strips of foil and divide them over the inside of the wreath.
- Divide the 6 plants over the wreath.
- Fill the holes with potting soil.
- Cut off the excess foil so that you can no longer see it.
- Get rid of the potting soil with moss.
- Take the piece of string, wrap it around the wreath and tie the ends together.
- Take the vases and divide them over the wreath, possibly make some space between them
Note: do not press too hard on the vases.
- Then fill them with water.
- Divide the birch twigs, craspedias and dried flowers playfully over the wreath.
Tip: The longer you leave the branches, the rougher the flower arrangement becomes, the shorter, the calmer.
- Take the cut flowers and divide them over the vases.
Cut the stems diagonally with a sharp knife.
- Decorate the wreath with tufts of deco hair.

And now: enjoy!

Tip: Occasionally fill the bulb vases and the plants with water to enjoy them longer. Place your spring arrangement outside, so the plants will stay beautiful for longer!

Now your spring piece is ready! And how beautiful it turned out! You must be proud of your end result and we would love to enjoy it with you! For example, share your photo via Instagram (tag @aandezevenalleetjes), and who knows, you might see your photo pass by with us.

We would like to keep you informed of our workshops, you can easily sign up for our newsletter via the website.

On behalf of the entire team of flower & styling at the seven alleetjes, we wish you lots of spring happiness.