Nog even en dan is het weer Pasen. 

Dit jaar organiseren we weer een live workshop, maar zijn er ook do-it-yourself pakketten te bestellen. 

Geen zin of tijd om mee te doen aan de workshop, maar wil je wel het mooie stuk in huis?
Of aan iemand cadeau geven? Dat kan natuurlijk ook! We maken het ook op bestelling voor je klaar. 

Christmas workshop instructions

It's great that you are getting started with our Christmas workshop package. The steps we describe are one of
guidance; of course you can always use your own creativity. This way it becomes a Christmas piece in your own style.
The working method is described in this manual and can be found on our site
the heading 'Christmas workshop' contains a link with an instructional video. In this video we show you step by step how to make the Christmas piece.

What is included in your workshop package?
● piece of wood
● iron pin
● floral foam
● wool
● Styrofoam ball
● wire
● bag of glitter balls
● bag of alder cones
● roll of thread
● 2 types of conifer
● nobilis
● eucalyptus
● sheet moss
● pinus
● gold asparagus
● pampas
● Christmas baubles in different colors and sizes
● lamp with batteries
*Some materials may differ from the example.
What else you need and can prepare yourself:
● blade
● wire cutters
● scissors
● hammer
● marker
● measuring tape

Tip for caring for the Christmas piece:
Make the floral foam a little wet every now and then so that you can use the Christmas piece for as long as possible
to enjoy.

We hope you're excited to get started and we'll get started soon!
● Take the iron pin and wrap it with wool. Tie the wool 1 cm from the bottom and wrap it
around the pen, from bottom to top. Leave 5 cm free at the top of the pin and tie the wool here again. Make sure you no longer see the iron pin.
● Place the pen on the hole in the wooden block. Then, use the hammer to gently tap the pin.
● Now take the floral foam and the Styrofoam ball.
● Carefully cut a notch in the Styrofoam ball with a knife. Dimensions: approximately 6 by 14
centimeters, with a depth of about 5 centimeters. The floral foam will soon be placed in this notch. (See instructional video: minute 00.33 - 00.43)
● Make staples from the long wire. Cut the wire into 6 equal pieces and bend them into staples.
● Place the Styrofoam ball upside down. Divide the moss over the bulb and secure it with the staples. Continue
until you can no longer see the Styrofoam.
● Fill a bowl with water and place the floral foam block in it. Don't push it under water, just leave it
to slowly suck themselves to capacity.
● Take the floral foam and make it fit in the notch made in the Styrofoam ball. The floral foam it is meant to
protrude 3 centimeters above the ball. Cut off the corners of the floral foam so that you can cut the green easily. (See instructional video.)
● Secure the floral foam in the Styrofoam ball by wrapping the wire around the ball and the floral foam.
● Now place the ball (with the floral foam facing upwards) on the iron pin. Make sure there is maximum
40 centimeters of the iron pin left visible!
● Take the green species. Save the pinus branches for later (see instructional video). Insert the oblong
green, from bottom to top, into the sides of the floral foam, so that it looks nice hanging down. Divide the small pieces of greenery and the nobilus over the center of the floral foam. Use also the eucalyptus; this may stand out a bit.
● Don't forget to clear the bottom of the twigs of greenery before you distribute the greenery over the
floral foam. Cut the bottom diagonally. This way you can easily insert the twigs into the floral foam.
● Divide the 2 golden asparagus branches over your Christmas arrangement.
● Take the 5 small Christmas baubles on wire and divide them over the floral foam. You can put your own creative spin on it.

Now take a break and enjoy the delicious Christmas loaf. 😊

● Thread the glitter balls onto wire to form a garland. Make 3 streamers of different lengths.
Leave some wire free at the top so that you can easily insert the garland into the floral foam. 
 Insert the wire back into the glitter ball. When the streamers are ready, insert them into
the floral foam.
● Wrap the alder cone on the wire. Always leave some space between the alder cones. Make 2
streamers of different lengths. Also divide this over your Christmas piece.
● Divide the pampus (fluffy twig) into 3 pieces and wrap a piece of wire around the stems. Then attach to one of the wires at the bottom of the ball. Use the pinus in the same way. Note: hang the twigs upside down.
● Now take the Christmas baubles. Attach this in the same way.
● Finally, take the string of lights. Insert the batteries. Decorate the lights over it to your liking.

Now your Christmas piece is ready! You managed to do this without our help! You can be proud of the end result. We would love to see your creation! Share your photo on Instagram or Facebook (tag @aandezevenalleetjes and make chance to win a 50 euro gift card to use in our store). Who knows, you might see your photo on our social media.

On behalf of the entire flower and styling team - we wish you a Merry Christmas.