Christmas Workshop instructions

C H R I S T M A S   W O R K S H O P

Bloem & styling at the seven alleys


Thank you for choosing the Christmas workshop package! In this instruction we will guide you through how to make the piece, you can of course use your own creativity. This way the Christmas piece becomes an item that matches your interior design.

Besides these instructions you can find on our site an instructional video under the heading 'Christmas workshop'. In this video we show you step by step how to assemble the piece.


We hope you're excited to get started!


What is included in your workshop package?

  • spike / substrate
  • 2 cork coasters
  • floral foam
  • piece of cork
  • plastic box
  • thread
  • rope - with glitter
  • rope - natural
  • candles
  • yew
  • nobilis
  • eucalyptus
  • sheet moss
  • 7 white dry feathers
  • golden grass
  • 2 golden Briza grasses ('cockroach grass')
  • Christmas baubles in different colors

*Some materials may differ from the example.


What else you need and can prepare yourself:

  • blade
  • wire cutter
  • pruning shears
  • big knife



  • Watch the instruction video while making the Christmas arrangement.
  • Make sure that you never leave the candles burning unattended.
  • Let’s start!


  • Divide the floral foam into two equal pieces.
  • Set one of two pieces of floral foam aside, we will use this dry later on.
  • Take the other half of the floral foam and cut 1/3 off. We use the largest piece first.
  • Fill a container with water and place the largest piece of floral foam on top of the water and let it absorb. Here it is important that you do not press the floral foam under water, otherwise it will not absorb enough water. If the floral foam is completely dark green, it is full of water.
  • Take the plastic container and fit the wet floral foam into the container. The floral foam protrudes 3 cm above the tray. Cut the sides of the floral foam diagonally so that you can easily process the green later.
  • Place the natural rope 'horizontally' (from left to right) on the table. Place the dry piece of floral foam horizontally on the center of the rope. Then take the tray with the wet floral foam and place it on top of the other part. Now tie everything together and fasten it at the top with a knot.
  • Divide the wire into four equal pieces and make staples. You make the staples by bending the pieces of wire. Make sure the ends are fairly even.
  • Now use the sheet moss to remove the bottom and the sides of the dry floral foam piece of moss for later finishing.
  • Take the cork coasters and the glitter rope. Place the rope 'vertically' on the table in front of you. Place the floral foam horizontally on top and place the cork coasters against the bare floral foam on both sides. Then wrap the rope firmly around the entirety of coasters and floral foam. Knot the rope tightly after the first turn. Tie the knot at one end of the rope and on top of the piece, so that the knot is no longer visible through the green later. Now playfully wrap the remaining rope around the piece and finally fasten the rope again.
  • Take a break now and enjoy the delicious chocolates. 😊
  • Cut the candles diagonally at the bottom, so that you can easily insert them into the floral foam. Divide the candles over the Christmas arrangement. Place them at different heights to get a playful effect.
  • Now divide the nobilis, yew and eucalyptus green playfully over the floral foam. Use the moss to fill any gaps.

It is important that you free the bottom of the twigs from greenery before you plant it green distributes over the floral foam. Cut the bottom diagonally. That's how you can cut the twigs very easy to insert into the floral foam.


  • Insert the dried plumes, golden grasses, cockroach grasses and the baubles into the piece. Do this the way you like it.
  • Take the black skewer and the small piece of cork. First, make a small hole in the center of the piece of cork with a knife. To give your Christmas arrangement a floating effect, press the piece of cork onto the skewer (up to three cm from the bottom).
  • Finally, stick your Christmas piece on the skewer.

Now your piece is ready! You should be proud of the end result. We are happy to appreciate your creation with you! For example, share your photo via Instagram or Facebook (tag @aandezevenalleetjes) and who knows, you might see your photo passing by on our social media.


On behalf of the entire team of Bloem and styling aan de zeven alleetjes we wish you a joyful Christmas.